Alcohol or no alcohol?

alcohol wedding guidelines

It got ugly fast. You will quickly understand why you need alcohol wedding guidelines at your wedding.

Uncle Charlie liked his liquor. And it flowed at his niece’s wedding reception. Charlie felt as if he had entered the land of milk and honey. (That’s a biblical metaphor for what our culture would call a ‘land of plenty.’)

As the party picked up the pace, so did Charlie’s imbibing, and so did his dancing … and it wasn’t pretty. I had never seen someone doing Michael Jackson’s moonwalk to “The Way You Looked Tonight.”

He kept dancing after the music had ended.

His shirt was untucked. His eyes, rolling. His tie was tied around his head instead of his neck. Everyone was embarrassed. And no one wanted to get back on the dance floor.

When the bride’s father tried to get him off the dance floor, he was belligerent. As I said, it got ugly fast.

Alcohol wedding guidelines

When planning your wedding reception, think about how you want to handle alcohol. As a DJ, I have a lot of experience dealing with highly uncomfortable situations at wedding receptions with out-of-control guests under the influence.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

For your sake and mine, I’ve posted some helpful guidelines above regarding booze, beer, and wine. Based on my experience, these guidelines will eliminate most problems. I hope you find them helpful.

Some brides and grooms can’t afford an open bar, or don’t want to pay for it, which is perfectly fine. The guidelines above still apply. Simply replace ‘open’ bar with ‘cash’ bar. If your venue doesn’t have a bar, you can easily get drinks delivered by a local store or supplier. This alcohol delivery Denver is just one example of a service you may want to use – consider getting enough for each guest to have one or two drinks and then let them pay for the rest if they want any more. Some guests may try to take advantage of an open bar and ruin the night, so it’s best to set some sort of limit on how much you’re willing to provide for free.

In addition to this, you may also want to encourage people to book transportation home, this way they have time booked in advance that they will need to go home and stop drinking. This goes for you too, if you are not staying at your wedding venue, you might want to look into something a little more special like Dream Limousines, Inc Limo in Troy or even somewhere that is more local to you. Book yourself a special ride home to finish off your big day with a bang.

Black Tie DJs offers helpful wedding planning tools for Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice, and Pt. Charlotte brides. Let us know what alcohol guidelines you’d like for your reception in the “other information” section of the wedding planning form. Be intentional. The purpose of today’s blogpost is to help you to be proactive in your planning efforts.

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