Terrified of your first dance? Read this!

Do you have two left feet? Here’s some sensible first dance advice.

Does the thought of getting up in front of your Bradenton, Sarasota, and Venice friends and dancing your first dance as man and wife terrify you? First I would look at different advice from various websites like https://www.funktrunkchicago.com/the-best-guide-to-our-first-dance-lesson/ for some advice on basic first dance lessons and then read this for some advice that will relieve your worries further.

You’re not alone, you know. Millions of Americans are afflicted with a bad case of Twoleftfeetitis, sometimes known as Dancefever. It can cause a grown man to break out into a cold sweat, and it’s not pretty.

Are either you or your betrothed afflicted with this malady? Don’t worry, it is curable! Just follow our first dance advice.

You do not need to be a Fred Astaire or a Ginger Rogers to project a shimmering image of elegance on the dance floor. Even more, you do not have to be a Michael Jackson or a Jennifer Lopez to shake your booty with class at the biggest party of your life: your wedding celebration.

You simply need to be you. No one is expecting your first dance to be perfect and professional, but you should try and enjoy yourself. The first dance can always look amazing in photographs too, so make sure you give it a good go. Be sure to find the best photographer in your area, just like this br√∂llopsfotograf Stockholm for example. They’ll be able to capture your first dance. You’ll want to cherish the memories of your first dance forever, so be sure to find a good photographer.

3 Steps to a successful first dance

There are three keys to a successful first dance that looks so good that you won’t even mind if it is video taped.

Step One: Select a slow song that is meaningful to you.

Step Two: Learn the two step. It’s the simplest dance for a klutz (no offense) to learn. Watch the video above, for it quickly presents the timeless simplicity and charm of this basic dance step. Practice it. You can learn it quickly. You’ll have it perfected within a few practice sessions.

Step Three: Keep it short. Two to three minutes is good. This takes a lot of pressure off of you. Besides, you don’t want your guests to get bored. In our hands, they’ll be itching to join you on the dance floor in short order!

One bonus tip: do not forget to prearrange your lighting with your DJ! You want to have all eyes on you during your first dance so make sure your DJ has the right lighting equipment in advance of the big day. For more information about DJ lighting equipment, you can find help from hollywooddj.com online.

Music and entertainment make the event. We can help you plan the flow of entertainment from beginning to end. Our MCs know how to make introductions and set up the first dance. Here’s where wedding parties often break down. It is absolutely vital to have a seasoned DJ/MC on your team who knows how to transition from your first dance to a packed dance floor.

That’s what we do. Call us with questions at 1-800-331-3341, or complete the contact form to check on our availability.

Get ready for your first dance and follow our first dance advice. It’ll be wonderful!

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